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carbonpheonix: why is this still here

because the otp still lives

Anonymous: how often do u and min talk to each other?
Anonymous: when we last asked, you said you over romanticized jinju... can we still hear how you would describe her?


she’s perfect. ;;

Anonymous: describe jinju in your own words


why hello shades. i was oh so tempted to upload my favorite reaction picture (yunno that screaming dude from the office) but then she posted hers and now i have to answer seriously. ;;

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Anonymous: describe min in your own words


oh you, ever the curious grey ball of why do you always do this to me, i don’t even know you, and why do i comply, who are you even, no

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Anonymous: if min ever ended up with chanyeol, what would you do?


  • laugh
  • snort
  • laugh some more
  • watch them fight
  • pop some corn
  • eat some nachos
  • prolly w kyungsoo
  • laugh
  • <3
sonicandpies: I'm min's sister and I approve of this blog

this message has been approved by min’s sister

royeolsoo-deactivated20140328: kaitlyn water u doing

Who is kaitlyn????? ‹(•¿•)›

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ziteu: who is the owner of this marvelous blog omg

she who must not be named